• Image of Mørk [Vinyl]

-only few copies left.

10" Eco-friendly reverse board cover with matte finish, featuring a beautiful printed inner sleeve and includes lyrics in danish and english.

Side A is characterized by dreamy vocals, acoustic horns and a tight sound built upon a foundation of heavy electronic beats. Beautiful melodies and dark lyrics intertwine with Mortenson’s musical ferocity and fierceness.

In contrast, Side B is driven by floating acoustic surfaces, reverb and minimal pieces. Where the previous set of tracks induces the urge to run out and experience the world, this side conjures reflection, patience and profoundness. Here Mortenson uncovers her demons, angels and the fragile aspects of existence in ways that capture the listener with intimacy.

Will be sent out within 2 days.

Composed, Mixed, Produced by Heidi Mortenson
Mastered by Lupo, Dubplates, Berlin

Cover photo by esteemed photographer Bora Tarhan.

Release: March 5th, 2012
RUMP Recordings